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The services that our company offers, are as follows:

1. Formation of companies

We specialize in the formation of Cyprus companies. These can be set up to the customers' preferences and in accordance with the activities that will be carried out by the individual companies. It takes between 8 to 10 working days to complete the company formation. Please go to section Company Formation in order to see the necessary information required to form a company.

2. Shelf / Ready Made companies

There are available Shelf or Ready Made companies legally formed and registered which are ready to be used immediately. These companies assist the clients who need to operate straight away and not to wait for the formation period of a new company.

3. Nominee directors

Trusted personnel from our office or companies belonging to our firm (depending on the client's wishes) can be appointed as company directors for the Cyprus companies. This has a twofold effect, one in fulfilling the demand that in order for a company to take advantage of the favourable tax regime it must show that the management and control is carried out from Cyprus, and secondly in keeping the anonymity of the true identity of the beneficial directors.

4. Trustee (nominee) shareholders

Companies belonging to our firm or trusted personnel from our office (depending on the client’s wishes) can be appointed as company trustee or, as widely called, nominee shareholders for the Cyprus companies. This has the effect in keeping the anonymity of the true beneficial shareholders.

5. Company secretary

Every Cyprus company must have a company secretary which is usually appointed from our office in order to deal with the day to day administration of the company.

6. Registered office

Our office provides every company with a registered office address in accordance with the law. For groups of companies different registered addresses can be provided if demanded by the client.

7. Statutory books and records

Whilst administering the companies all the necessary statutory books and records are kept at the company’s registered address and these are updated accordingly as and when changes are made. Relevant board and annual general meeting minutes are drawn up and filed as required by Company law.

8. Other secretarial services

Companies need from time to time various services such as signing of company agreements, changes in the company structure such as changes in directors, shareholders or company secretary, increasing the company’s share capital, registration with the tax and VAT authorities etc, services which are provided from our office.

9. Opening of bank accounts

Bank accounts for companies and individuals that are under our firm’s administration can be opened with one of the local banks with the help of our staff specializing on this matter. The bank accounts can be opened in any currency that the clients chooses. Internet banking services are offered by all banks. It takes approximately two to three weeks for a bank account to be fully operational.

10. Accounting services

A number of accounting services are provided to our clients by using sophisticated accounting software and well trained employees. These are as follows:-

  • Book keeping in accordance with local legislation
  • Preparation of the company’s accounting records up to a stage where these will be delivered to local auditors to carry out the statutory audit
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Carrying out the company’s payroll computations where necessary
  • Registration with the Cyprus VAT authorities and filing of the relevant VAT and VIES forms

11. Taxation services

Through our local tax experts and our world wide tax associates we offer expert tax advice for all our clients’ needs. Such services include:-

  • International and local tax advice
  • Registration of the company with the Cyprus tax authorities
  • Payment of tax liabilities on behalf of the companies
  • Obtaining tax residency certificates for the companies
  • Obtaining tax clearance certificates for the companies
  • Corresponding with the Cyprus tax authorities on various tax matters and obtaining a tax ruling

12. Offshore companies in other jurisdictions

Through our associates around the world we can offer the service of company formation and representation in other key friendly offshore jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands (BVI), Panama, Mauritius, Isle of man, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and many others depending on the clients’ needs for specific projects.

13. Residency permits

Application for residency permits for individuals and their families to live in Cyprus can be made through our associates who specialize in this field. Such permits are usually issued to third country applicants.

14. Introduction to local auditors and lawyers

Through our wide local and overseas network we can provide introductions to auditors, lawyers, consultants and other professionals and work with them as per the clients’ instructions.

The services that are provided by our firm cover all the stages from the formation of a company through its smooth operation during the year, the correct representation and all that is legally required to keep the company within the laws of the country.

The above is achieved by the professionalism of our staff who are in direct contact with the clients informing them constantly on various matters and solving any problems that may arise.